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ONE-STOP SOLUTIONS FOR Pharmaceutical production PROJECTS

Through years of experience, Urban provides several services which cover almost all requirements of clients. These services include production, design, inspection, packaging, shipment, product recommendation, after-sales service, and multiple client solutions.

We have a good relationship with more than four international shipping companies who have rich experiences in handling different kinds of shipping ways and also the customs declarations and clearances. They all have good shipping services to save you time and costs.

Demand: Tailored to the needs of customers

The type of raw materials: Customized according to the source of raw materials of customers or the control of raw material costs

Plant area: Customized according to customer's plant or occupied area

Production requirements: Customized according to customer orders or production requirements

Product features: Customized according to product requirements or characteristics

Staffing:Customized according to customer's factory staffing

Team Working Dedicatedly

We have 20+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below

 After-sale Service

     We will always be responsible for the machine you purchased. Nearly 10 professional after-sales personnel provide global technical services. In this way, we also provide professional services, such as guide installation services, equipment commissioning and operation services, maintenance services and equipment parts replacement. Ensure the quality of your products, while eliminating your worries.

A Full Services

 1. The whole machine is guaranteed for 3-5 years.

Maintenance Services

2. Provide professional machine operation and maintenance guidelines.

Technical Services

3. Provide 24-hour online professional technical services .